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Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide

Support & Resources

Coming home is a mission all its own. And sometimes a lifelong process. Like any mission, it requires careful preparation, disciplined execution, and contingency plans. Your primary objective is to find the appropriate support and resources. Then set a direction and keep going.

Children’s Resources

Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change Program / A 2009 primetime special with Queen Latifah and John Mayer that…(more)

Louisiana Resources

  The following organizations and programs offer resources to Louisiana’s veterans to help make their transition back into civilian life…(more)

Check it out

The Vietnam War – Louisiana Remembers

In support of documentary filmmaker Ken Burns’ new landmark series about the Vietnam War, Louisiana Public Broadcasting is launching a…(more)

Our Criteria for Selecting Resources

To ensure the highest standard of resources and organizations for veterans and their families, these criteria guide selection for inclusion on this website.

  1. Resource comes from a credible source.
  2. Resource is current and relevant.
  3. Resource is free and available at no cost to veterans and their families.
  4. Resource is commercial-free, no profit is derived from it.
  5. Resource is accessible, easy to get and easy to use; tangible and concrete.
  6. Organization or individual that created and/or is distributing the resource is nonpartisan. 501c4 organizations whose primary function is advocacy or educating about political issues or policy merit close scrutiny to determine nonpartisanship.